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Author: Subject: A Gatecrasher!!!
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posted on 29-7-2008 at 13:11
A Gatecrasher!!!

G'day all. I reckon I'm part of the exteeeeended family so I registered but feel free to kick me out if you like. Great idea Craig!
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posted on 29-7-2008 at 14:57

Maaate..Nice to see you..pity no actual family has posted yet...but, I do have hope for them yet..

(The site is 2 years old tomorrow)

Bought the domain name some time ago, already own 2 others for the gaming sites, and, have the ability to host more domain names (if you happen to need a host, and have a domain, I'll host the domain for free)

How's the family? What the hell are you doing these days?

Remember Ron Harris? My old mate? I still see him a lot, been in hospital a lot the last few weeks, he phoned me last night...Cancer of the Spine...

Apart from that, things are about normal, if you call my life normal :P

Cheers from the other Bruce. oh, btw, you can also get me at or plus a few others from te gaming
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posted on 11-8-2008 at 14:09

You seem to be having in identity crisis there mate...

Family is all well. I'm still in IT Support at St Peter's College where I have been for the last 5 years. If I make it to April next year this will be the longest I've been in any job. Currently the Army is winning with 6 years even. Deb's still managing the canteen at Thebarton Senior College and Scott's working for a tool wholesaler down at Wingfield. Rebecca works with Deb and Ryan is doing Cert III in IT (don't know where he gets that from).
Sorry to hear about Ron. Not good. I guess we're all approaching that age where somethings gonna get us. Give him my regards.
Haven't seen Garey or Phil in some time. Garey's just too far away and fate conspired against us for his 50th. Phil hasn't really spoken to me since I didn't turn up for his housewarming so either I offenced him badly (didn't mean to) or, I suspect that Sue just doesn't like me.

Anyway, all good here for now. I'll try and stay in touch. You may want to have a look at Zoltan's site which I built for him at It's not fantastic, but MUCH better than what he had that he built using Microsoft Word :-)

All the best.

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